Our Services

We offer the following financial planning services:

Investment Management

Cost. Risk. Performance. At Atkins & Associates, customized portfolio design and ongoing management is at core of our client relationships. We take an objective, diversified approach to building a portfolio that best suits your needs. When it comes to selecting the right mix of investments, we use the independent, institutional research services of Morningstar® to help us evaluate, select, and monitor our client’s portfolios.

Income Planning

Today’s retirement looks very different from generations past. Aside from Social Security benefits, many retirees have no guaranteed sources of income, but instead have employer sponsored 401(k) plans. It’s important to know what that 401(k) or IRA account translates into in terms of a guaranteed monthly paycheck, but do you know how to?

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning

Some want to retire early and travel the world. Others look forward to quality downtime and more experiences with family. You may want to continue to work part-time or become a snow bird.  We are here to help you evaluate your unique position.

Social Security Optimization

Maximization or Optimization? Figuring out how to get the most money out of Social Security is easy, given you and your spouse’s ages, benefit amounts, and life expectancies, but our process seeks to optimize your benefit, incorporating the rest of your financial plan into the picture.

Tax Minimization

Most financial plans focus on income requirements for housing, transportation, healthcare, food, and travel, but many leave out what is often the biggest expense retirees face: Taxes. There is a common misconception that people will drop into a lower tax bracket in retirement, but we’ve found that often due to many circumstances this assumption is not true.  Our team can help evaluate your tax position and go over tax reducing options that may be available to you.

Estate Planning

Protect what you’ve spent a lifetime building. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your heirs.  A financial plan is not complete without a comprehensive estate plan in place. Your estate plan protects your assets while they’re yours and ensures that they’re distributed according to your wishes. Without an estate plan, this process may take much longer and can lead to ugly disputes that add a financial and emotional burden on family members.  For high net worth families, the combined federal and state estate tax could erode over 50% of your assets upon death.